"Beyond Grateful"

“I am beyond grateful for Deb and her help finding my perfect home. I had to move and it wasn’t on my terms. Deb took a frustrating situation and made it into a pleasurable and exciting experience. I have referred many people to Deb and will keep doing so. If you are wanting to buy or sell in WA or ID, Deb is your gal!” -C. Wallace, Blooming Lotus Hypnosis.

Education based relationship

“She is great at her job. Does really well with her clients. Deb always makes sure that people know all their options.”-Aulterra Health & Wellness

"Tricky Sale"

“Deb, thanks for all your extra help! Without you we would never have made it through out tricky sale. I will tell everyone about you and how hard you work. God bless.” -J. Werkeiser

"Invaluable Advice"

“I have known Deb Perisian as a friend and associate for over 29 years. She is by far the most professional and informed person I have used for my home purchases and sales. Although I have purchased and sold several homes throughout the years, there were many different realtors involved. Deb is heads and tails above all of them. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Her suggestions were offered as options, with no pressure on me. She watched out for my best, while allowing me to make the final decisions. Her advice was invaluable to me. I recommend her to anyone looking to purchase or sell their property, or for any information on real estate.” -D. Walter

"Above and Beyond"

“An amazing woman who is busting her TAIL for us!! I am amazed I still have my head. I’m sure she’s ready to cut it off, LOL. A GREAT lady and talk about going above and beyond! Thank you, Deb Perisian!! Lots of love from the TAILS Foundation Inc.!!”

"Responsive and Informative"

“We just closed on our first home April 12th. We had the most wonderful experience with Deb. She is very responsive and informative. She knows the ins and outs of every angle of the real estate business. She informed me first of needing a lender, referred us to some, and we had a preapproval letter right away. Side note: The lender was great as well and they worked wonderfully together. Then we were on the hunt for our new home. 😊 As we were shopping she was extremely attentive and patient. Being a first-time home buyer I had lots of questions… whenever we corresponded I had an answer within an hour but most of the time within minutes. Deb was sensitive to our need to find a home quickly as well as being sensitive to find the perfect family home. She also referred us to inspectors. My inspector did a very thorough job and left me confident about the home I was buying. I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor. At closing, she made one of the best days of our lives very special. My little family and I love our new home!!! Thanks so much Deb!” -K. Kay

"Refreshing Approach"

“Deb Perisian is amazing! Buying or selling a home can be a very stressful process- and we did both at the same time. My husband and I were a bit nervous, but Deb listened to our thoughts, ideas, desires, and needs. Really listened! The advice and knowledge Deb offered us was exceptional. Due to her long career history in both home loans and real estate, she was able to advise us and lead us toward the perfect path that suited our unusual situation. I would not hesitate to recommend Deb to ANY person buying or selling their home. Her attention to detail and personal, respectful, knowledgeable approach is refreshing in this day and age.” -L. Dues


“Deb Perisian was instrumental in the sale of our very small home and purchase of one better suited for us. The year was life changing for our family. The well-deserved credit goes to Deb, with her vast experience and knowledge made something daunting into something 1-2-3 easy. Our gratitude to Deb.” -P. Schmitz

"Dedication and Determination"

“Thanks for your hard work on the Eskeli home! Without your knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and total involvement from start to close, we could not have built our brand new home. I appreciate every ounce of calm, dedication, determination and positive ‘chipper’ attitude in the midst of adverse circumstances that you displayed. You really went the extra mile! Thanks so much!” -B. Eskeli

"Thoughtful Followup"

“Dear Deb, Jim and I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful package. The Christmas ornament is so special. We usually get an ornament for each year. Of course we didn’t shop for one while we were up there, so surprised when we got it from you! Jim’s using the large calendar in his office the small one fits perfectly in my office window. Getting the keys and your key chain made the property and cabin a little more real, that we own it. You have been so helpful and thoughtful that we just really feel so grateful that you are our realtor and friend. We’re anxious to see you again in a few months.” -J&J

"Very Dedicated"

“Deb is the best realtor! She made buying a house easy! Deb is down to earth and is very dedicated! <3” -C. Wallace

"Highly Recommended"

“Deb knows all aspects of the buying and selling process. She was beyond helpful in mapping out the process, giving options and sharing different perspectives to help make decisions. Highly recommend!!” -K. Thomas

Out of State Purchasing

“She is very friendly, knowledgeable of the area and so helpful. She showed us different properties but also gave us an idea of the area and what was around them. She has gone out of her way to help us by getting a handyman to do some of the things for us since we are out of state and can’t get up there for a while. She inspected the property when the owners left and filmed it for us so we could see it. She has made many suggestions of places we could visit and shop and the steps we need to do to make the property livable because there is just a dry cabin on it with no water or electricity.” -J. Keeler

"Solutions for Unique Issues"

“I was very happy with Deb. She went above and beyond all of my expectations. She found solutions to some unique issues we ran into during the sale. Everything worked out perfect.” -E. Brueggeman

"Unparalleled Knowledge"

“It is no exaggeration to say that Deb was our guardian angel during our property buying journey. She went above and beyond taking care of our needs, scouting out potential properties, translating confusing real estate lingo, and touring us through Northern Idaho to help us fall in love with the area. Plus she’s a blast to spend time with! Her unparalleled knowledge, wonderful spirit, passion for her work, and love of Idaho shine through every step of the way. Deb is the best at what she does, and I cannot recommend her enough!” -K. Bell

"Tenacious Professional Approach"

“Deborah is an intelligent, experienced realtor. She handles setbacks in stride with a tenacious professional approach. Deborah goes to great lengths to follow up on all leads to get the job done. She has a great sense of humor while maintaining a dignified serious attitude. She is a stickler for details, and follows through until the closing. Deborah knows the law and with many years in the mortgage business she has a grasp all phases of real estate business. I recommend Deborah to every one looking for a dedicated professional partner with the clients’ best interest at heart. She is a pleasure to work with. Sincerely, S. Goodwin.”

"Keeps You Informed"

“Deb has a lot of knowledge of the area and really wants to find you exactly what you are looking for with your next home or property buy. She's on top of things and keeps you informed throughout the entire process. She's great!” -D. Elizondo


“Deb work overtime for us tirelessly for us for almost 5 months. She was the best listener and always helped as our needs and qualifications changed numerous times. She is the best! We highly recommend her to anyone. She was super knowledgeable on the areas to avoid and helpful through the whole process of buying our home.” -Sluis Family