For You October 6, 2021

Fall Events In Kootenai County and Surrounding

As the record hot summer draws quickly to an end, and school ramps up for many, this is the perfect time to schedule family outings for this season. Aside from fall celebrations, there are many city-sponsored and other events happening before winter moves fully into our area.

If you have never attended Green Bluff, or this will be your favored annual excursion, fun for all ages is available at Beck’s Harvest House. There are many options for a day of enjoyment, but please make sure to check their website or contact them for any restrictions or reservations needed.

Is a corn maze or pumpkin patch calling to you? An amazing page is run by Benivia, LLC; they have a wonderful lineup of local must-do’s at, and surrounding counties are listed as well.

North of Coeur d’ Alene, approximately thirty minutes, lies the renown Silverwood Theme Park. The vast park boasts accommodations for folks who want to stay or camp for multiple nights, or a single day of amusement; recreational vehicles have ample space at the park as well during peak season. (Please check and confirm availability before planning any trip.) September’s end brings the shift to “Scarywood Theme Park,” filled with nights of spooky goodness and frights for those who like to be scared. The event runs through the end of October, and does not fall short of terrifying for folks who love to be on edge. This recommendation comes with warning that some audiences, regardless of age, may not appreciate the setting or costumes. Please see their website for further details.

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(Written by Non-Licensed assistant Brandi Briscoe, 10/5/2021. Do not copy or repost without written permission.)